As one of Hall County‚Äôs oldest law firms, our roots can be traced back to 1914 when founder Edgar Duskin Kenyon began practicing law in Gainesville, Georgia. Over the years other lawyers and attorneys worked with Mr. Kenyon, and it was in the mid-1940s when the firm truly began to grow. At that time, Mr. Kenyon’s son, A. R. Kenyon, and a friend, W. B. Gunter joined the practice upon returning from service in World War II.

Our dedication to providing the best service with integrity has been proven over our nearly 10 decade-long history.

In 1965, when A. R. Kenyon became Superior Court Judge, Gainesville lawyer Julius Hulsey joined the firm. Sam Oliver came on board next in 1969. After Mr. Gunter became a Justice with the Georgia Supreme Court, principle James E. Mahar, Jr. joined the Hall County lawyers in 1974.

As a top Hall County law firm, we have a long history of producing some of the area’s finest judges including A. R. Kenyon, W. B. Gunter, J.D. Smith and Rick Story. Decades have also proven our, Hulsey, Oliver, and Mahar, dedication to providing the best service with integrity.