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Worker Classification as an Independent Contractor or Employee

In today’s modern workplace, where workers are not always located on-site, may have more autonomy, and may prefer not to be “employed” in the usual sense, employers must remain vigilant to properly classify their workers.  Employers are ultimately responsible for properly classifying workers with state and federal agencies, taxing authorities,

Understanding the Key Differences Between Trademark and Copyright Law

Trademarks and copyrights can be confusing subjects, but they have the potential to be very valuable assets to you and your business. While the two are often confused, there are important differences between them. Trademarks are designed to protect the identifier of a product, service, or its provider.  This can

Debt Collection Strategies and Considerations

If you or your business are owed money by a debtor, it can be a frustrating experience trying to collect those funds.  There are many considerations and pitfalls to avoid in the debt collection process.  Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar has decades of experience helping individuals, banks, companies, and other entities in

Navigating an Uncontested Divorce

You and your spouse have decided to divorce, and you would like to do so amicably, without unnecessary arguments or costly legal battles. This is a great option, especially when children are involved, as you and your spouse are likely to be interacting on some level for many years to

Legislation That May Affect Your Estate Plan

Last year, Georgia adopted a new Uniform Power of Attorney Act (“UPOAA”) that will apply to most general financial Powers of Attorney (“POAs”). With this significant legislative change and the beginning of a new year, now is a great time to review your estate plan as this law could affect

Congratulations to Thomas L. Fitzgerald

Congratulations to Thomas L. Fitzgerald for being the recipient of the Charles N. Pursley Award.  He received the award on Friday, February 8, 2018 during the annual seminar of the Eminent Domain Section of the State Bar of Georgia.  The annual award  recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of eminent


I wanted to give to you a “heads-up” about proposed SB2 (2017) and which will impose a fair amount of administrative work on the local government entities. The bill, if made law, would require that each City or County, “establish a schedule of” fees for business licenses or permits or

The Courts Enter Craft Beer Battles

While craft breweries are known for their creative and sometimes very punny names, there are an increasing number of trademark disputes in the industry.  In the case of In re: Bay State Brewing Co., 117 U.S.P.Q.2d 1958 (TTAB 2016), the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) refused to register the mark