Family Law

When family-related issues require legal action, you can rely on the family law attorneys at Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar to work to maintain the family unit while working through divorce, child support and custody. We have helped countless families in Gainesville, Georgia, and surrounding areas understand their rights and obligations under current laws. We work with you to develop a family plan that will last for years while addressing all issues that may arise in the future to minimize future court actions.

We emphasize maintaining the family unit as much as possible during divorce and custody disputes.

When it comes to divorce and custody, our family law attorneys do what they can to resolve issues out of court. However, if necessary, we vigorously represent our clients in court to ensure their rights are upheld. While the demands of every case are different, our firm works diligently to protect your best interest and obtain an amicable resolution for your family law matter.

If you’re facing divorce proceedings, contact our Gainesville, Georgia, family law attorneys today to discuss your case.


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