Real Estate Law

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Real estate law issues range from the simple to very complex. Whether it’s a simple residential real estate closing to a complex issue regarding property boundaries or zoning, the real estate attorneys and lawyers at Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar in Hall County can help address any potential issues you have regarding your property.

Since the 1920s, Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar our team of Georgia real estate lawyers have fulfilled the needs of clients throughout north Georgia. Whether an individual, company, investor or financial institution, our significant expertise in real estate and zoning has allowed us to satisfy a variety of needs including condemnation, eminent domain, zoning and land use planning, residential and commercial closings or commercial development.

Our experience and expertise as Gainesville, GA real estate attorneys makes us well-equipped to handle even the most complex real estate law issues.

For generations, our extensive real estate litigation experience has helped resolve a wide range of real estate-related issues including boundary line disputes, quiet title actions and title insurance claims. In addition, we work with executors, trustees and estate administrators in selling property as needed.

If you’re seeking a real estate lawyer in Georgia near you, schedule a consultation today to discuss your particular case. You can rely on our real estate law firm for guidance on a variety of issues.